Police Bike - Gangster Chase

Police Bike - Gangster Chase

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Enjoy endless action to arrest city criminals, bank robbers and Alcatraz jail prisoners in this police bike gangster chase 3D game. Arrest all Alcatraz jail escaped prisoners and now involved in criminal activities. Bank robbers are trying to get away from city crime scene. Criminals are driving fast on city roads but your duty is to chase, arrest & shoot them before safe escape. Now it's up to you, how secretly chase and quickly you capture them back to jail lockup custody.

Drive an amazing, super charged, police bikes. You are the police it’s your duty to stop the bank robbers. Police Motorbike riding is an exciting city sheriff heavy bike driving simulator game. You can drive the police motor-bike in heavy traffic to perform exciting, amazing ride and maintain furious speeds like nitro boosts. Your job as a traffic police officer is to secretly chase & arrest the city gangsters to be the best police motorbike driver. Play this extreme police bike vs. gangster chase game and do not let any criminal escape from the town boundary. This cop bike chase is ultimate action packed game where your duty is to chase, arrest & shoot grand city criminals theft & do not let them violate city laws in this police auto super rider bike driving simulator game. Keep following the direction arrows and remember not to lose them from your sight. They must try to escape away when sited you so be quick to chase or arrest them. Don’t let the city turn into a crime city.

Arrest criminals behind bars and don’t let prisoner escape from jail. Your duty is to control crime in the crime city. Drive fast to chase the Alcatraz prisoner, criminals and gangsters crew and save yourself from their counter striking attacks. You are the city traffic police of a city, it’s include in your duty now to watch out prison escape by criminal cells. Play this motorcycle racing & criminal chasing game and do not let any prisoner escape. Use police traffic bike rush skills to ride super-fast motorbikes after city prisoners escaping from prison. Join special police squad and enjoy adventures police bike gangster chase missions to secure town from street criminals.

Let’s Move & arrest the most wanted criminals with crime control police squad. Drive police bike to chase down criminals and arrest gangster vehicles. The city criminals, gangsters and bank robbers spread all over the city hideouts. This ends now as you ride super speed police motor-bike to finish crimes in sin city. Show professional motorcycle riding skills to complete gangster chase missions. Live life as an honest police officer and stop crimes of underworld mafia gang.

Police Bike - Criminal Arrest Game Features:

• Police Bike Gangster squad Car Chasing Missions
• Police Sargent Heavy Bike Driving & Drifting
• Secretly find, Identify and arrest city criminals
• Extreme Thrilling and Challenging Missions
• Interesting Game Play in Amazing City Environment
• Smooth and Intuitive Controls of Police Heavy Bike
• Police Siren & Light Effects with Multiple Camera Views
• Stunning & High Quality 3d Graphics with Amazing Sounds

Download Police Bike - Gangster Chase to play as real cop’s sergeant motorcycle rider gameplay. Chase criminals, arrest gangsters squad and stop thugs to restore city peace.


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  • 当前版本 : 1.0.3
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  • 系统: 4.0及更高版本
  • 厂商: Vital Games Production











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