Mokou Hunting

Mokou Hunting

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[game introduction]

East MMD plays a game; the third!
It is 3D action game to attack by flame while younger sister rouge avoids a bullet.
[how to play]

Younger sister rouge works in the direction when I move a left lower virtual pad. 360 degrees can change!
I go to Tewi and conquer a quest and repeat upgrading at Eirin, and let's knock down a powerful enemy!
I clear all 23 stages and aim and conquer a gallery!

[use material]

Remy rear scarlet and franc Dole scarlet cute MMD model: Dear Ms. Nonchiku:
Cool BGM: Dear Ms. Namapan:
The cool MMD models such as Fujiwara younger sister rouge, the court official cloth capital, the Kagiyama young bird: Dear Ms. a monte core:

"Mokou Hunting" is a second original game of "east Project" by the production of the "Team Shanghai Alice" state.
The copyright of a character and the setting belongs to Team Shanghai Alice and ZUN.


Detailed info

  • File Size: 95.83MB
  • Current Version: 7.63
  • Update Time:
  • Developer: KinoPSoft
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Latest Version :9.9 Android:9.2

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