War of Legions

War of Legions

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Over 2 million downloads! Real-time battles enjoyed the world round!
New feature "Quest Mode" added! Exciting real-time cooperative play!
Become the top Guild in the world!

◆Top free game on the Japanese App Store!◆
◇Over 6,000 reviews from around the globe with an average rating of 4.6!◇
◆Guilds of up to 20 people compete for global glory!◆
◇Recommended for devices with iOS 6.0 or higher◇

The Legion of Order, those that strive for peace through pacification, and the Legion of Chaos, those that strive for revolution through destruction, are warring for control of a great land known as Mevion.

Mevion's inhabitants and the Monsters that serve them take to the battlefield in hopes of securing victory for their side!

=======◆WAR OF LEGIONS DETAILS◆=======
■Form a Guild with your friends!
Create Guilds of up to 20 members and increase your Guild's level to gain supremacy in the battle for Mevion!

■Form battle pairs of Warriors and Monsters!
Assemble battle Formations consisting of pairs of two types of characters: Monsters and Warriors! Certain combinations offer stat boosts in combat, so find the most effective pairs to defeat your enemies!

■Take part in global real-time Guild Battles and become the best Guild in the world!
Guild Battles are held several times every day! Form strategies with your Guild members to link together attack Chains and unleash powerful Guild Assault Attacks!

■Varied lineup of characters!
Over 5,000 characters featuring artwork from international artists! Knights, dragons, elves, wizards, golems, and more that you can't even imagine!

*The game may be difficult to access during peak play times. If you are unable to begin the game, please try again at a different time.

*The game may not be available in all countries and regions.

*The game may not launch or operate properly if your device's date and time settings are not correct. Please confirm your date and time settings before playing War of Legions.

*Loading times may be increased when playing in an environment with a weak cellular or Wi-Fi signal.

*A Wi-Fi connection is recommended to smoothly enjoy War of Legions.

For any inquiries regarding War of Legions, please contact us via the link on the official War of Legions home page.

▼Official Home Page


■□■Grand 5th Year Anniv. Campaign Under Way■□■
[Incoming Free Eternal]

Update Ver. 1.2.31

- App Icon Change
- Minor Fixes

5th Year Campaign Details listed below.
▼Eternal Guaranteed 11x Summon
- This Summon can be performed for FREE one time during the campaign!

▼ Free 11x Summon
- Can be performed 10 times during the campaign and guarantees at least 1 Eternal.

▼5th Year Anniv. Legion Lottery
- Win up to 200,000 Jewels with the Legion Lottery! - Get a Lottery Ticket from Login Bonuses!

▼ Panel Missions
- Clear all 9 missions to get amazing rewards!

▼ AP/ BP Recovery Campaign
- AP and BP Recovery Time has been reduced to 30s during the campaign! Use this double recovery rate to enjoy Battles and Missions!

▼ Half Price Enhance Campaign
- EXP during campaign will be x3. Great chance to quickly enhance any Units obtained during the 5th Year Anniv.!

▼ Level Cap Increase
- Level Cap will be increased from 240 to 300

▼ Rookie Gift Set
- Limit for Rookie Gift has been reset.

▼ Rookie Gift God Unleash
- God Units can now be gifted.


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