Adventure Stunt Simulator

Adventure Stunt Simulator

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With twists, turns and "the Climb", are you ready for an Offroad 4x4 Adventure!
The absolute best Offroad Adventure simulator to hit the gaming community!!!

Select from the best 4x4s and take a thrilling off-roading challenge with maximum thrills. This Offroad Adventure stunt simulator brings you an exciting, fun-filled extreme game. Take a ride while experiencing intense dangers, providing off-road fanatics a ride like no other.

Dodge hurdles and drive your favorite 4x4s over steep hills to complete exciting missions packed with intense challenges. You must safely and quickly make your way through the Offroad paths to cross checkpoints and collect the maximum available coins to complete the level. Collect as many coins as you can to unlock up-to-date vehicles for maximum fun.

Explore nature and beauty from within your sports 4x4! You will perform stunts, high jumps, and death defying hill climbs. Got wanderlust? Want to explore? Like adventures AND driving? This one’s for you!

Take the wheel in this new and enthralling off-road adventure! Select from the best four-wheel-drive cars and take a thrilling off-roading challenge to the max! Ride through gorgeous terrain: large industrial complexes and beautiful mountaintop scenes. Encounter and fend off intense dangers. With your vehicle, dodge serious hurdles, conquer steep hills, and take on exciting missions. Dart your way through the out-of-bound and off-road paths to cross checkpoints as fast as possible! Race against time and collect maximum rewards to complete the level. Collect as many coins as you can to unlock up-to-date vehicles and to experience maximum 4x4 off-road fun!.

Adventure Stunt Simulator Features:
•Amazing Selection Of High Quality 4x4s.
•Spectacular and Challenging 3D Environments for off-road adventuring.
•Detailed And Complex 4x4 Physics.
•Intuitive, Responsive, and Realistic Gameplay.
•Smooth And Easy Controls (e.g. steering, buttons & tilt).
•Awesome Visual And Sound Effects.
•Challenging Off-roading Missions to complete.

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• Amazing Selection Of High Quality 4x4 jeeps
• Spectacular and Challenging 3D Environment for Offroad adventures.
• Detailed And Complex 4x4 Physics
• Intuitive, Responsive and Realistic Gameplay
• Smooth And Easy Controls e.g. steering, buttons & tilt
• Awesome Visual And Sound Effects
• Challenging off-roading Missions to complete!













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