Futuristic Robot Battle 3d

Futuristic Robot Battle 3d

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This killer app takes you right into the Futuristic robot battle arena. Devoted to destruction, these transforming bots can shift into furious cars and back to violent robots simultaneously. If you love car vs. robot, or robot transformers, or robot fighting then this is the only game for you. Futuristic Robot Battle 3D comes with great HD graphics and cutting edge innovative game play. What more is this game is genuinely attention-grabbing. Futuristic robot battle is a specially designed game for fun purposes. This action-packed robot war game is insane and awesome and perfect synonym of robot, robot games, super machines, combat games and best fighting games. Now unleash hell on other many robots in this mega robot transformer game. Hit download and jump into the future of robot fighting games!
The Game play of this robot fighting game is fairly simple at the edge of awesomeness. From the swamp of high-tech robots designs choose the incredible robot you like and see his breathtaking car transformation and pick it! Enter from the sky into the city full with violent and corrupt robots. These evil transformers robots are a threat to humanity and to very robot-kind itself. Bring hell upon the evil bots with metal punches and steel kicks and tear apart their evil and corrupted body. Now it’s your fateful duty to defend the great city and earn the honor of real steel robot.
The features include incredible simulation of gigantic steel robots, and beautiful realistic furious cars. You can drive and dash to the disrupt point in city and then transform miraculously back into the metal bot. With these legged robots, start the mortal combat by throwing the first punch of courage and stand as one man army against multiple gladiator robots. It’s time to unleash your Ninja, boxing and combat skills on the wicked robots of forthcoming and turn their stylish metallic body to wreck with your powerful fists.


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  • 系统: 2.3及更高版本
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