Tickle My Feet!

Tickle My Feet!

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This is the app you've been waiting for all summer. Finally, a game about tickling FEET!

You no longer need to chase your little brother down the lawn and pin him down. Let him watch TV, because real tickling has just entered the Iphone!

This game simulates the joyful activity of tickling. Choose between John's feet, Jessica's, or little Jimmy's and have endless fun tearing their colorful socks to reveal the ticklish feet beneath.

Press down wherever you want and watch their socks melt away. Find all their ticklish spots and hear their hilarous laughters as you torment and tease them to say Uncle!

The voices were recorded while tickling real people. So it doesn't get any more real than this!

The game also has a special RACE function where you have to find all their 'Smile-spots' while avoiding the dreaded 'Red-Devil' spot that hurts when pressed. Ouch! Try your best to beat the timer and advance as far as you can and be recorded forever in the hall of fame.

Game Features:

* 3 pairs of realistic, ticklish feet from a guy, a girl, and a boy.

* Real recorded ticklish laughter.

* Animated game play where you have to find the spots that are ticklish and the spots that are not.

* Over 12 different sock styles to choose from.

* Use your finger to slowly tear the colorful socks and reveal the bare feet one press at a time.

* Special race function where you must find all the ticklish smileys and make them say uncle before the timer runs out.

* Hall of fame function where the highest levels are honored forever and the highest record will never be erased… unless someone beats it!

So what are you waiting for? There are some very ticklish feet inside this app. Download now while I can still hold them down for you to tickle!







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