My Boyfriend Left Me
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My Boyfriend Left Me

失恋 - 锻炼,SPA,化妆和舞会游戏

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My boyfriend left me and my heart is broken. What should I do? It's no big deal!!! I should dry my tears, take a warm bath and do something like fitness to forget him. Then I'll dress myself beautiful and start a new life!
In this game, the lovelorn girl is going to start a new life again.
There are 7 chapters in this game:
1. Heart Broken: My boyfriend left me and my heart is broken…
2. Facial Spa: OK! Stop crying! Look at my face! I need a facial spa!
3. Work out: I need to do something to forget him. Let’s start to work out.
4. Take a Bath: I need a bath to make me feel better.
5. Make up: I’m going to the prom. I need to make up.
6. Dress Up: Please help me choose a dress.
7. The New Begging: The prom is great and I’m going to move on!!
This is a girls' game & casual game & fasion game & kids game!
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