Red Queen Legend
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Red Queen Legend

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Red Queen Legend is a silhouette style game, combining adventure and equipment forging. Popular and classic side-scrolling game!
You will lead three girls of distinct characters to take adventure in the fantasy wonderland.
Lead these girls and get into the queen's castle, eliminating poker small monsters, collecting props. You can improve the girls' power through forging enchant weapon.
In this thrilling adventure, you must use your wisdom to win the final victory.Feature:
- The fantasy world of silhouette style
- Free style game play and arbitrarily combinatorial SS equipment
- Observers style of fighting, more educational and fun
-Arms restriction, spearmen restrict cavalry, cavalry restrict infantry, infantry restrict spearmen
-Combination of skills and props, increasing special fighting effects
-Attributes combination, simple and rough
-fight to get more crystals without spending any money
The love is justice, lead the super girls to challenge the poker kingdom and eliminate evil monsters! You are the justice!

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