Survival Island 3D PRO

Survival Island 3D PRO

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Something terrible happened, and you left alone on and island swarm with wild hungry animals. There is no guarantee you can survive even one night, but you can try. Meet Survival Island 3D PRO – extremely addictive simulator of wild life.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***

- Quarry stone and hew trees. At first, you can use only one item for these goals - it can take a long time, but later you can craft axe and pick. Come close to the tree or stone, tap item button guns, follow the scale (STONE or TREE). When the range is full, you'll get wood\stone.

- Using resources you can craft weapons for hunting animals, a torch and a fire for light at nights, as well as materials for building a house. To build a house, you have to to install the foundation first, then the walls, windows and doors.

- To hunt animals for food, as well as to repel attacks of predators, you can use any tool. Aim the camera at an animal and press the item button. When an animal dies, you can collect food.

Survival Island 3D PRO game features:
• Island survival simulator 3D;
• Wild animals hunting;
• CRAFT - make some weapon;
• Houses building;
• Real island adventure;
• A lot of activities to do.

Prepare to survival game – who will be a winner this night, you or animals, or may be some nature disaster? Anyway, good luck, and let's start island experiment!


- Now you can build a houses;
- New items for crafting;
- No more annoying crystals;
- Changed icons of some items;
- Standard buildings removed - now you have to build your own houses;
- Optimization.
- Fixed bug with a bow and other items while using a torch;
- Attack button fixed - now it doesn't "pull" the game camera;
- Nights became even more dangerous! Build houses to hide;
- New nocturnal animals added;
- Map fixed;
- Bear power increased.









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