Happy Colors - Coloring Book
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Happy Colors - Coloring Book

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Happy Colors preschool coloring book brings new creative games for kids and toddlers who loves painting, drawing and doodling! With 30 coloring pages in 5 categories, Happy Colors helps kids learn animals, buildings, food, people and vehicles, builds art skills, and develops creativity and imagination!

HAPPY COLORS coloring pages:
- ANIMALS: bunny, monkey, puppy, kitty, baby bear and squirrel.
- BUILDINGS: block of flats, castle, cottage, hotel, restaurant and circus tent.
- FOODS: pizza, burger, sweets, fruits, ice cream and cupcake.
- PEOPLE: racer, football player, clown, baby, boy and girl.
- VEHICLES: boat, race car, small car, motorbike, carriage car and airplane.

How to Play:
1. Choose a coloring page that you want to color.
2. Pick a color from the 12 color palette.
3. Tap the picture area that you want to fill with that color.
4. Color the whole picture with your favorite shades and tap the camera button to take a photo of your creation!

Every time your child takes a photo of his or her new coloring page design, it will be saved in a coloring book and on your mobile device so you could share your kids' creations with friends and family!

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