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Soldier's Day

Soldier's Day Test

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Screenshot of Soldier's Day
Screenshot of Soldier's Day
Screenshot of Soldier's Day
Screenshot of Soldier's Day
Screenshot of Soldier's Day


As a small soldier at the end of the dynasty, experice the dynasties' magnificent and struggle to survive,finally achieving your own future.
Category: management / simulation / text selection / plot
As a small soldier at the end of the dynasty, you can choose different ways to survive,
It is a step-by-step promotion until it dominates the peak;
Or accumulate capital, exercise eloquence, and escape the war through the obtained gold and silver;
Or, you can choose the boundless way to seek immortality
Anything is possible
In this process, you can feel the grandeur and massiness of history. No matter small people or great heroes, they will fluctuate in this ups and downs
The game includes modules: record, event summary, equipment system, intelligence acquisition and attribute viewing
It's a text selection game, but it's not just text selection
You can check the equipment in the camp, put on better equipment and sell surplus equipment,
We can also obtain intelligence and know the next action of the oleader, so as to make more reasonable reinforcement,
You can save multiple files and brush out the ending you want.
You need to make a reasonable choice according to the outcome you want to achieve,
Even for merit and promotion, there are different ways to go,
Whether to be an infantry charging in front, a marksman, or a cavalry deciding the outcome,
It's all up to you


Hello, I'm Yiyun. I'm the production, art, program, planning and text of the game. I'm also the customer service who replies to you in comments and forums.
As the content of the game is completed independently, it is inevitable that there will be omissions and places beyond our reach. Please forgive me
If you encounter any problems or suggestions, you are welcome to leave a message, send private feedback, or send an email to [email protected]
Cooperation QQ: 2798556149


Version 1.5 2022-03-23
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Developer CiG
Simplified Chinese
Current Version 1.5
Size 31 MB
Last Updated on 2022-03-23
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