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Screenshot of Legion Run
Screenshot of Legion Run
Screenshot of Legion Run
Screenshot of Legion Run
Screenshot of Legion Run


In the game, the player as a commander needs to exert his ingenuity to win every victory, in the game, the player needs to face the attack blockage of various armies, perfectly defend against the wave of attacks of the enemy, and smooth attack and defense conversion to defeat the enemy step by step to save his teammates. If you have anyone who likes this game, come and download it!
1, you will have a legion of your own, you need to control this legion to continue to advance on foot, break through the enemy's defense line, free to attack;

2. Rescue your teammates from the enemy and join your legion, increase the combat effectiveness of your legion, and also need to defend through the turtle formation;

3. The combination of attack and defense can reduce their own losses, and they can also destroy the enemy, shoot at the enemy, and win the final battle with the largest number of legions;


Version 0.1 2022-01-27
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Current Version 0.1
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Last Updated on 2022-01-27
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