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Lamb Fountain and Dungeon

Lamb Fountain and Dungeon

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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


Abandoned x Bishoujo x Strategy RPG "Lamb Fountain and Dungeon"!
The adventure to save the sealed girl [Ram] and save the world begins now!

■ Synopsis
A world where the battle with the evil god who destroys humanity has continued for a long time.
In order to protect the girl [Yuna] who has been selected as the ultimate weapon of humankind, [Ram] challenges the battle with the evil god, but is defeated and sealed.
However, the evil god was not unharmed, and a brief peace came to the world.
[Yuna] decides to take her place, fight the evil god, and embark on her adventurous journey to rescue her sealed [Ram].

▼ 2D auto battle where cute characters play an active part
Cultivate cute characters and capture the dungeon where the evil god is said to sleep!
Mini characters will adventure automatically!

▼ Expedition mode is roguelike tower defense! ??
Take the characters you raised and capture the bases of the enemy forces!
It's not an auto battle, but a strategy mode that requires strategy and luck!

▼ The real thrill of neglecting
Characters will train and earn experience points while you sleep!
By preparing the training environment, you will be able to gain a lot of good experience points!

▼ Full of replay elements! ??
Full of unique skills, limitation system, artifacts, and more!
It is said that a miracle will occur if all the artifacts are collected. Can you do that miracle! ??




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Provider R&SGames
Last Updated on 2022-05-13