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Jurassic Dinosaur Shooting 3D

Jurassic Dinosaur Shooting 3D

The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


Do you love Dinosaur Rampage, Jurassic Island, king of the dinosaurs, Escape the Room, Jurassic T-Rex games?
Are you looking for Survival Games? Than wait is over because super excited Jurassic Dinosaur Survival game released now!
Story Line:
Some Scientist working secretly on dinosaurs in a Jurassic Park in jungle. They called their some friends to visit the lab, and showing their experience on dinosaurs in this Dinosaur Game. There were many dinosaurs in this Lab outside the Real World. Four were imported!

Brachiosaurus: Like to eat plants and trees. Basically they are herbivore Dinosaurs.
Dimetrodon: These type of dinosaurs have large teeth, and like to eat meat. They are carnivore.
Pteranodon: These are not dinosaurs but lived in dino era. These animal can easily fly have high speed and like to eat meat. Pteranodon like to hunt animal. They are carnivores.
T.Rex: T.Rex can move fastly and has huge body.
Story begin when these group of scientist called their friends for lab visit, and showing their work on dinosaurs in this dino squad game. But wait! Scientist went to another lab section for some work. What did their friends saw? Suddenly some reaction appeared on many dinosaurs. Something happened wrong. Dinosaurs turned into powerful evil dinosaurs in this Dino Hunter lab.
They started to kill and attacked on these friends. Some died at a spot and some hide in the lab for their life in Dinosaur Simulator. All these evil dinosaurs run from the lab and eagerly waiting for their meal.
Now you are one of the survival in this lab Survival Island and fighting for your survival and searching an exit gate for your escape and do survival craft. Hey wait! Would you escape without helping your friends? No As a friend it’s your responsibility fight for your friends and help the wounded one also.
A cunning dinosaur is behind you and waiting for your room escape. They created their own survival craft and roaming easily here and there without any fear. Once you were out of the lab it won’t hesitate to devour you. That’s why be careful run, hide yourself and without any noise you have to fight for your survival and your friends also.
You must save yourself not for you but for your friends and family. Believe in yourself and escape the lab by opening door step by step and by solving puzzles. Your health bar can be anytime down with dinosaurs attack. So Pick up the guns from weapon room and fight for your survival.
Features of this Game:
• Simple and intuitive Jurassic game UI.
• Health bar for your survival
• Realistic sound effects
• After hearing dinosaurs footsteps hide yourself and walk slowly
• Realistic environment
• Many puzzles for your escape waiting for you

Are you ready to enter one of the deadliest escape adventure survival games?
These are just main points, the game world is much deeper and more interesting with lot of puzzles. What are you waiting for?




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Last Updated on 2021-11-27