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Fluffy Sheep Farm

Fluffy Sheep Farm

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The game is not available in this country/region


How to Grow Your Farm

1. Round up some sheep
You'll need to catch lots and lots of sheep to fill up your farm!

2. Unlock and upgrade workshops
Unlock workshops to start turning a profit on your woolen goods!
Upgrade your workshops to boost your sales even more!
3. Unlock pastures and expand your farm
Increase the number of sheep you can raise!

4. Unlock roundup ranges
Discover and catch new kinds of sheep!

5. If you find yourself with nothing to do, leave the running of the farm to Al the Alpaca for a while.

You can also:
- Try your hand at shearing sheep.
- Mix sheep together to get a higher ranked sheep.
- Spin the Fluffy Capsule to construct new buildings.


Recommended for anyone who:
- Likes to take it easy sometimes.
- Is looking for a fun way to spend their free time.
- Enjoys simulation and casual games.
- Has thought about starting up their own farm or business.
- Knows a lot of random animal facts.
- Loves sheep and/or anything fluffy.


A simulation game where you catch unique and colorful sheep, turn their fluffy wool into items to sell, and use the profits to expand your farm.
Why not spend a leisurely day at your own quaint farm, watching the sheep roam by?


Google Play
Provider KLab
Last Updated on 2021-12-08