Block Zombie Town

Block Zombie Town

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Welcome to the zombie town ― world of unlimited building games opportunities! The real pixelmon are waiting for YOU here!
Build and destroy blocks! Extract craft royal and different mods for pe that will help you easier to survive!
Choose Pixel Guns and craft wars & cops and robbers – a Builder or a roller coaster, who will hide and seek to survive (survivalcraft)!
► Be careful, in this craftsvilla not only peaceful dinosaurs and dragons zoo, but an awful zombies too! Win a zombie apocalypse with them and you will get a minecraft gun and car games!
► Swim across the maps sea for new lands and skins – lands are unlimited. Exploration lite their!
► If you decided to survive – keep eye on hunger games and fill out it in time! Search for realms, grow plants and craft mobs for meat!
► Build your worldcraft from the baby skins mods and you will survive this night! They are coming for you… Zombies, Skeletons, Huge Spiders and other hostile mobs.
► At any time you can fly to the village world with the mode in “toolbox” or become fast as flash with the mode “dropper”.
In real life your ideas for building are unlimited only by your imagination! With roblox you can spend good time with your friends by these games multiplayer for free duet to 2 player mode!
Create your own online multiplayer servers army games (Local Server) or join one of the servers of Roblox.
In this block city war they are waiting for you:
⇒ Huge Capes Spider;
⇒ Insidious skins Skeletons;
⇒ Strong Craft bros run Zombies and other hostile mobs;
⇒ Craft and build battle skyblock;
⇒ A realistic Exploration Craft process;
⇒ Cows, pigs, story mode sheep and other peaceful mobs;
⇒ Lucky Winter Block Craft mods;
⇒ Stable craft city FPS and drawing card without lag;
⇒ High craft block game optimization for girls and the generation of the world;
⇒ A lot of different craft house biomes and the unique keyboard topography;
⇒ Incredibly easy house maps;
⇒ Harley quinn skins transformers and video maker;
⇒ 2 player games multiplayer for free ;
⇒ Multiplayer mode and accelerated flight.
⇒ Block launcher city crafting kingdom
⇒ Craft island wallpapers
This is an original MultiCraft Open Source Project Open Source, licensed under LGPLv3. License and source code can be found on this site. Before using any part of the project MultiCraft You must fully read the license (attached to the source code).


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  • 当前版本 : 1.0
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  • 系统: 2.3及更高版本
  • 厂商: Briksad, LLC











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