Coin Kingdom HD - Real 3D Coin Game + Slots

Coin Kingdom HD - Real 3D Coin Game + Slots

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REAL 3D Coin Game, easy playing, Tap or Flick! Super physics engine inside!
Multi-touch is a good way to drop a lot of coins at a time.

Drop coins by Tap aiming for the arrow lights in order to spin the reels.

The game has 9 reels and the more numbers you match with, the more you win.
- Match 3 numbers - 10 coins
- Match 4 numbers - 50 coins
- Match 5 numbers - 150 coins
- Match 6 numbers - 500 coins
- Match 7 numbers - 1500 coins
- Match 8 numbers - 5000 coins
- Match 9 numbers - 15000 coins

When matching the number 7, you win double coins.
Especially 777777777, 50000 coins.

Three types of effect, Red Magic, Rainbow Chance and Turn Off, that help to match the numbers take place at random. You see what happens by them.

When you success to light on the four tramp marks, Tower of Coins will appear in the field as bonus. Enjoy to get various kinds of the Coin Tower.

There are four kinds of normal coin of silver or gold, and two kinds of special coin having special effects as follows:
- A black coin lights the four tramp marks 8 seconds.
- A bronze coin adds 15 points to spin the reels.

Support for 14 Game Center Leaderboards and addictive achievements system with 3 stages containing 13 achievements each!

You can enjoy more features. Try it out now!

● The Bot-AP1 can play the game instead of you. The Bot-AP2 has additional ability to flick coins at the Black Coin Event.

● You can get additional coins for free, when you have few coins and few points to spin the reels.

● On iPad, the Multitasking Gestures in General in Settings(not in the game) is recommended to be off. Don't mind it in case you don't use many fingers or employ the Bot-AP.

● Enjoy high quality 3D sound by headphone.

● Support


Coin Kingdom HD doesn't support for iOS 11.
Coin Kingdom 2+ supports for iOS 11.









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