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Dan Dan Dao 2

Dan Dan Dao 2

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Screenshot of Dan Dan Dao 2
Screenshot of Dan Dan Dao 2
Screenshot of Dan Dan Dao 2
Screenshot of Dan Dan Dao 2
Screenshot of Dan Dan Dao 2


The gorgeous combat operation is a miracle that jumps at your fingertips!
"Dan Dan Dao 2" is a casual light strategy catapult competitive mobile game
If your break time is always so short and you like competitive games but the single game time is very long, then come and try "Dan Dan Dao 2"~ It will bring you a brand new light competitive game experience.
The game has rich appearance, ever-changing props, unique career system, and gorgeous special effects, allowing you to experience the most refreshing catapult competition in the shortest time.
【Game Features】
(1) Novel painting style - heart-warming healing painting style, various props scenes, new battle system
(2) Interesting social interaction - form a relationship with your little brother and sister, have children, and travel the world hand in hand with your children
(3) Light casual competition, the duration of a single round is greatly shortened, and black battles can be launched anytime, anywhere
(4) The operation is easy to use, full of strategies and skills


A strong social strategy competitive mobile game, you must not miss the little cutie who likes to adjust the angle of the catapult game. If one shot is not enough, then another shot! ! There are so many young ladies, it’s not bad to bring a cute girl home~


Version 3.4.0 2022-08-09
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New marriage
New husband and wife fight for hegemony
New play method: Resort

New secret territory and tower breaking
New pet equipment inheritance
Increase the upper limit of Mount advanced level


供应商 广州有玩科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91440101MA5AXM7G0Y
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In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese
Current Version 3.4.0
Size 850 MB
Last Updated on 2022-08-09
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System Requirements No System Requirements
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