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Screenshot of Battlefield 1914
Screenshot of Battlefield 1914
Screenshot of Battlefield 1914


This is a solo game produced by a single person, I can not be all talented, try to restore the real battlefield atmosphere, sparrow is small, all the five organs ~
The story is set in World War I, the player plays as a soldier in world War I, attacking or defending the other side.

The game offers a variety of ways to play!
5 vehicles:
1.FT17 light tank, equipped with 1 tank gun and 1 machine gun, has high movement speed and low health, and can quickly turn back.
2.A7V heavy tank, with 1 tank gun and 4 machine guns, low movement speed and high health, penetrating weapon.
3.MarkI rhombus, with 2 tank guns and 3 machine guns, medium movement speed and medium health, 2 tank guns is a tank killer.
4.Dr1 Fuke, with 2 machine guns, high speed.
5.D. ⅲ Albatross, with 2 guns, medium speed.
3 fixed weapons:
1. Heavy machine guns, defensive sharpeners, and powerful firepower make the attackers immobile.
2. Anti-aircraft AA guns, as the name implies, prevent aircraft from fishing people.
3. Anti-tank gun, the correct use must be used for shooting aircraft, easy to friendly fire.
Various firearms:
Browning, Lee-Enfield, Mondragon... Big Shuan is not a dream.

The game can be highly customizable: player cap, weather, attack and defense...

Finally, as a free game advertisement is inevitable, I promise that there will not be any advertisement during the play, some vehicles or guns need to see the advertisement to unlock, really a big conscience ~
I hope you can support me a lot. Little finger is the biggest motivation of the author.


Version 1.0.4 2022-01-17
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1. Small map friendly army logo (default closed, set to open)
2. Change the minimap
3. Fix squat jump calories
4. Fix marki cannot move
5. Fixed a7v Suez viewing angle problem
6. The fire button can drag the angle of view to press the gun (default off, setting on)
7. Customize the size of the button position (adjustable settings)
8. Adjust the ballistics of tank anti-tank guns
9. Add moving sound effects
10. Fix the fire can not move
11. Omnidirectional sliding viewing angle
12. Increase the rate of fire of the machine gun
13. Fix Browning double key firing
...and more subtle adjustments, you can experience it slowly in the game~


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Current Version 1.0.4
Size 120 MB
Last Updated on 2022-01-17
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