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Xeno Command

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Screenshot of Xeno Command
Screenshot of Xeno Command
Screenshot of Xeno Command
Screenshot of Xeno Command
Screenshot of Xeno Command


Xeno Command is a mobile strategy war game.
The background of the game is set in the future era of interstellar colonization. Humans have migrated to the Kersh galaxy in large numbers, and many interstellar companies have also begun to compete in new markets. But under the prosperity, various planets broke out crises: Wasteland Star broke out with Zergworm infection; Lava Star’s ancient creatures were inexplicably awakened; MicroEra’s nanomachines were also out of control due to virus programs, and the entire planet was covered by aggressive machines. .
In order to save these planets in crisis, all forces and heroes from all walks of life have come forward. Players will play these heroes, lead troops, and launch fierce wars on alien planets.

Xeno Command combines strategic gameplay with Roguelike elements to randomly generate levels and encounter events.
Players will play the role of heroes from all walks of life. Through battles, they will continuously obtain instructions for troops, buildings, skills, etc., and match powerful combinations to lead troops to capture enemy strongholds, obtain more resources, and finally destroy the enemy's base.

Click on the enemy-set fire to attack the target; drag the ground-move the field of view; click on the ground-control the troops to move to the specified position; double click on the ground-ignore the enemy and force the troops to move.
Each time a level is passed, players will receive a variety of rewards, which are used to upgrade skills, buildings, and skills and other instructions. During the clearance process, players will also encounter various random events and complete various tasks.

[Game Features]
Random campaign: The battlefield is changing rapidly, and the level map is randomly generated, constantly triggering new game experiences.
Simple operation: There is no need for separate operations and complex formation selections, go forward courageously, and use intuitive and simple operations to get a refreshing combat experience.
Rich strategy: Super multi-command content, free combination and match, customize your fighting style, every battle has unlimited possibilities.


* Language: Simplified Chinese


Developer 凉屋游戏
供应商 深圳市凉屋游戏科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 914403003349574434
In-app Purchases Yes
Last Updated on 2021-08-20
Network Connection Not Required
System Requirements Android 4.4 +
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