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Counter: Side

Counter: Side

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Screenshot of Counter: Side
Screenshot of Counter: Side
Screenshot of Counter: Side
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The real world will soon be corrupted...Mankind may face extinction...
Facing the strange, twisted and threatening Counterside corruption, human was bewildered. Right now, they discover the heroes who have become Counters using the supernatural power generated by the “Watch”.
To safeguard our homeland and future, Counters must shuttle back and forth between the real world and the Counterside, to fight the Corrupted Objects!

Follow the TASKFORCE to discover the secrets of Corrupted Objects!
In 2044, we live in a world intertwined with another one. Many unknown creatures are corrupting our world. There are many heroes springing up with supernatural power granted by “Watch”. They become Counters to battle with the unknown creatures. You become the CEO of a military company and need to manage the company composed by the Counters to battle with the unknown creatures. When the heroes put their Watch on, they will battle with the corrupted Objects perpetually. But it is said that when the energy is exhausted, the Counters will become monsters....

Excellent texture with tempting live2D experience
The old Administration can not bear the war and completely collapsed. You found a new organization to continuously recruit new Counters to your company. Besides fighting along the Counters, you also need to prevent them from becoming monsters due to the loss of their energy. All types of beauties, from lolis to bossy ladies, from cuties to cool girls, will fight for you and bring you tempting experience in this game.

Devise strategies to command girls to battle in rains of bullets
When fighting the Corrupted Objects, you can experience the cooperation of Counters with seven roles which form an enemy-confronting front line and a damage-causing back line. In a battle, the formation can be adjusted flexibly to share the damage. Future technologies can also be adopted to build ships, tanks and aircrafts, recruiting Mercenaries to experience the strategic layout of battling with multiple arms, staying away from the dull auto deploy.

True interaction and build affinity with hundreds of beauties
In the battle with the Corrupted Objects, you can collect sources to raise the Counters in the main mission dungeons. After improving the affinity, you can unlock character plot dungeon to explore the secret of why Counters will become monsters after using up the energy. You can also enjoy intimate interaction with Counters by touching or sending gifts to them.


Counter: Side (CN) is expected to be launched in October, 2021.


Version 0.12.1 2022-09-22
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Publisher 紫龙游戏
供应商 天津紫龙奇点互动娱乐有限公司
统一社会信用代码 911201163007860840
Official Website Official Website
《异界事务所》官方Q群 588077865
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Current Version 0.12.1
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Last Updated on 2022-09-22
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