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Yuhaku Genkai Battle

Yuhaku Genkai Battle

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The game is not available in this country/region


The popular anime "Yu Yu Hakusho" is now available in the game with a new smartphone action!

◆ Easy-to-operate action battle
Operate Yusuke and others with simple taps and swipes.
Let's aim for victory in the battle by unleashing the skills that appear in the original and that nostalgic special move!

◆ Right notation
Original / Yoshihiro Togashi "Yu Yu Hakusho" (published by Shueisha "Jump Comics")
© Yoshihiro Togashi 1990-1994 © Pierrot / Shueisha
© mobcast games

◆ Relive the story
In the main story, relive the anime Yu Yu Hakusho along with the nostalgic TV anime scene.
A new recording of the voices of the gorgeous voice actors who played in the TV anime is part of the production. You can enjoy many scenes.

◆ Alliance
Form an alliance with friends who like Yu Yu Hakusho,
You can communicate using the chat function in the game.
In the future, we plan to add functions such as alliance battles.

◆ Collection
Characters that appear in newly written & nostalgic card designs,
You can collect anime scenes as your own collection.

◆ Two Dark Martial Arts Associations
There is an A-League that plays in auto play and an S-League that plays in manual play.
Aiming for the highest rank, you can enjoy incandescent battles in league battles that fluctuate every week.

◆ Operating environment
Android 4.4 and above
* We do not guarantee that you can play comfortably.
* It may not operate normally depending on the customer's usage status and model-specific factors. ◆ Recommended environment
Memory: 2GB or more
We recommend playing in a place with a good communication environment such as using wi-fi. "


Provider mobcast
Last Updated on 2022-06-22
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