Mail Run Endless Delivery Rush
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Mail Run Endless Delivery Rush


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Dedicated to celebrating (2016) 500 Glorious years of Royal Mail ~ The Official Mail of the UK.

Tap-Tap like never before ! Tap-Left to Approach left Mail Box, Tap Right for Right. That simple ?

Come help the amazing postal staff of Royal Mail deliver Mail all over London, while avoiding lovely London traffic of Double Decker Buses, Cars, police cars. Ride Loco, the Pink Elephant, collect money spread all over the streets and have the view of London like never before.

Your job for the day is to deliver mail by approaching the closest Red Mail Box, the mail is automatically delivered to the closest mail box, Yesss !! They have such magical technology !! Maybe you can find some wizards secretly hiding in plain sight as postal workers, you never know who will show up next !!

Features :
Amazing, lovable characters to play with.
Fun, thrill in Delivering Mail ~ each one counts !!
Collect Amazing power ups, Bulk Deliver trollies !
More mails you deliver , more points, more Goodies, Simple !!

Watch out for updates and Bonus levels very soon !! Get your skills down early !!

Come one, come all, lets Play Mail !

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