The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths

The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths

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Leave for an epic adventure right now, alone or with your family, with the game from the Mysterious Cities of Gold !

Play Esteban, Zia and Tao and guide them on their quest to find the mysterious City of Gold. Explore many areas of China, help them escape their enemies and resolve the numerous riddles and enigmas that will allow them to uncover their hidden objective…

Faithful to the story-line and art style of the famous Mysterious Cities of Gold anime cartoon, Secret Paths lets you dig deep into this universe : it is equally suitable if you know the series or if you are a newcomer. You get to play all the main characters, each one with his own set of skills that you will need to use smartly when approaching different challenges. Pick them wisely - their personality matters!

• Gorgeous graphics faithful and loyal to the original Mysterious Cities of Gold art style.

• Numerous levels with beautiful settings: Explore 30 levels with very various environments, from the deep asian forests, to the heart of the Forbidden City… and to the mythic City of Gold.

• Collectibles: Unlock high-quality cinematic cut-scenes from the cartoon and bunch of exclusive artworks and virtual items.

• Think and act wisely: use the specific skills and attributes of the three children to your advantage when facing the multiple traps, puzzles and hurdles thrown your way.

• Made by Fans for Fans: the developers behind the Mysterious Cities of Gold are true fans of the anime, who have grown up watching the first season of the cartoon in their childhood some 30 years ago!

Also available in the following languages : Arabic, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Portughese, German, Italian.

"A viable, appealing option for younger and less experienced players" – Nintendolife
"Filled with enjoyable cutscenes and perks" - Nintendo World Report
"A solid gameplay in a nice family friendly package" - Gameramble
"Very charming" - Cublikefoot

Works for iPhone 4S+, iPad 2+, iPod touch 5G+.


Issue fixed with ads. Polish, Swedish, Norwegian and Arab added as languages.











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