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Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel

Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel

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Screenshot of Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel
Screenshot of Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel
Screenshot of Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel
Screenshot of Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel
Screenshot of Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel
Screenshot of Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel


Brand new hidden weapon version, log in to send Tang Sect Tang San! 3D Douluo mobile game looks for "Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel"

The 21st national-level IP combat mobile game masterpiece, "Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel" authorized by the Reading Group and Tencent Animation, invites you to enter the real Douluo world exactly like the animation!
The new hidden weapon system is shockingly opened, and Tang Sect·Tang San's soul comes through, carrying hidden weapon stunts and hundreds of millions of soul masters to rebuild the Tang Sect faith! During the event, you can receive the new SSR Tang Sect Tang San when you go online, log in to get ten consecutive draws, and a limited time hidden weapon subsidy event is waiting for you!

【game introduction】
To pay tribute to "Douluo Continent", the game subverts the tradition and innovatively creates a vast and boundless Douluo universe, taking you freely to explore the mysterious and unpredictable Star Dou Forest, visit the magnificent Holy Soul Village, and challenge the ever-changing Wuhun Palace...
Movie-level shots decipher the story behind the Shrek Seven Monsters, with a new visual interpretation of every love and hatred of Douluo Mainland; immersively create famous scenes "Xiaowu Sacrifice", "Master Meets Bibi Dong", "Tang Hao and Kill Capital"; fun strategy game of soul master duel, sharpen your super powerful soul master team!

【Game Welfare】
1. "Tang Sect·Tang San" is awakened in another world, opening a new hidden weapon genre, 11.19-12.5 limited time login to give away!
2. The limited-time hidden weapon subsidy event is opened, and you will get ten consecutive draws when you log in, and monthly card users can also receive exclusive subsidies!

【Featured Play】

◆Explore the World of Boundless Douluo
The game creates a real-time environment system, interacts with real weather, and renders an immersive Douluo continent! Explore multiple maps at will, trigger an egg adventure, swim in the sea of ​​flowers, and pose for fun actions at will. Give every Douluo fan a real Douluo!

◆Free hunting of soul beasts
Face the roar of the soul beast in the Star Dou Great Forest, display soul skills with tactics, hunt and kill the soul beast to absorb the spirit ring! Form a hunting team, ambush the super soul beast, and obtain an epic soul ring! There are more levels of hunting difficulty copies for the soul master to challenge!

◆Create exclusive soul skills
Awaken your exclusive martial arts soul, deep training, free growth and mutation! It can also randomly integrate spirit abilities, with multiple spirit rings superimposed, and unlimited spirit power soars, challenging Douluo mainland's super soul abilities strategy combination!

◆Soul master easy competition
Thousands of spirit rings can be freely matched, particle special effects are added to display spirit skills, and the timing of skill release can be accurately selected. Tactics can be adjusted in time according to different battle situations. MOBA-style fighting fun, climb to the top of the fighting spirit!

*Tencent animation producer, the game plot outline is exactly the same as the animation
*The actual content is subject to the game


* Language: Simplified Chinese
* Guest account could play for 1 hour each 15 days.
Doula Continent: Soul Master Duel is officially released.


Version 2.6.1 2022-05-06
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Publisher 37手游
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Simplified Chinese
Current Version 2.6.1
Size 228 MB
Last Updated on 2022-05-06
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