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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


"Figure Story" is coming! Here, you will become the master of the models and experience a wonderful adventure of the miniature world - the original box play unboxing experience; the high value model system to raise; rich resources with one click; casual placement to raise without liver damage; come to unlock the secret story of the models, share the joy, anger and sorrow, and guard the world with them!


- Born out of love: A journey to break the wall
At the moment when the memory of love disappears, I just want to remember your name with all my might.
However, the emergence of the "evil model organization" has forced a large number of models to be separated from their beloved masters. You" will come to the miniature world of models, become their master, and gradually explore the truth hidden behind this chaos ......

- Realistic miniature adventure world
PBR 3D rendering technology" restores every inch of the model with high precision, perfectly presenting the texture of real world materials and refraction of light and shadow.
Over 60 voice actors including Ami Komizu, Yui Horie, Akari Onitou, Akiyoshi Uchiyama, Kenjiro Tsuda, etc. join the cast of super deluxe voice actors and act out the happiness, anger and sorrow of the models - the arrogant naughty rabbit, the confident lemon cub, and the trouble-making milk carton... Each model has its own personalized voice.

- Hundreds of models in your hands
Three wishes can be fulfilled at one time: box play order x backyard collection x model care!
One click to buy "box game", open the carton, and get a surprise, "wish list + 200 consecutive draws" directional mode, never miss your favorite model!
The original custom display cabinet system, customize to create a unique private backyard: space, science fiction, medieval castle... Hundreds of themes for you to choose from!

- Easy to play miniature battlefield
Nine grid model layout", positioning cover, exclusive move animation interpretation, battle strategy 3D stereoscopic presentation; five brands of free combination; heavy, charge, firepower, support, warlock, a variety of schools at your disposal.
The model of working resources lying to receive, waking up with a full bag of resources" to say goodbye to the complicated daily routine, ordinary levels with one click to pass, offline when hanging resources uninterrupted, the maximum accumulation of 24 hours.


Google Play
Provider Komoe Game
供应商 小萌科技
统一社会信用代码 52643341
Traditional Chinese
Last Updated on 2022-06-30
Network Connection Required
Network Tools Not Required
System Requirements Android 5.0 +