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Match Man Wars - Shadow Realms

Match Man Wars - Shadow Realms Test

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Screenshot of Match Man Wars - Shadow Realms
Screenshot of Match Man Wars - Shadow Realms
Screenshot of Match Man Wars - Shadow Realms
Screenshot of Match Man Wars - Shadow Realms
Screenshot of Match Man Wars - Shadow Realms
Screenshot of Match Man Wars - Shadow Realms


This is the latest version of the interesting matchstick wars
Taken the features:
◆ Various combat units:
Miner: Mining for forage.
Swordsman: the price is low and the price is high.
Archer: base ranged unit.
Shieldman: slow walking, high defense.
Spearman: Kill with one spear, except the shield man.
Wizard: Poison attacks. Poison continues to damage, reducing attack speed.
Fire: Explosion range damage.
Ice: area damage, reduced movement speed.
Tree of Life: The key to winning or losing a battle.
Different from the traditional matchstick man war, new types of shieldsmen, fire, ice.
◆ Upgrade system:
Miner: Collect content at a time.
Swordsman: HP, damage.
Archer: Damage.
Shieldman: HP, damage.
Lancer: HP, damage.
Sorcerer: Poisoning time, damage, poison damage per jump, poison attack speed reduction.
Fire: HP, damage.
Ice: HP, damage, and ice decrease movement speed.
Tree of Life: HP.
There is no maximum level of upgrade.You can try a certain skill to break the sky!!
More interesting characters will be added in future releases.
There will be more to come.
More updates will be added to future releases.
[email protected]
Gabriel game communication Q group ① : 309141361
Challenge the boss of the shadow world!
Gabriel's personal work, stay tuned!
May you know yourself and your enemy and win a hundred battles!


There have been a lot of games called indie games for a long time
Some indie games are games with an indie spirit
Some indie games are fun games made by several people at the lowest cost
My idea of an indie game is [a person] taking the time to communicate their ideas to the player through their own technology.
My product is such an indie game!!
Hope to bring you positive energy, also hope you can like it!
As a fan of RTS for over 20 years
This is my taste production, behind will be careful iteration.
Stay tuned.


Version 1.0.2 2021-10-17
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Fixed level 51 crash
Fixed an issue where mining efficiency did not change after miner upgrade
Fixed crashes caused by buildings being attacked
Fixed excessive rotation of rescue button
The optimized rescue button disappears after clicking once


Lack of Rating
Official 德克斯特 : 您好 我个人开发的独立游戏 里面没有任何强制广告 也没有说不看广告就玩不下去的情况呢亲 看广告只是加速游戏体验而已喔




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