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Doula Continent: Awakening Soul

Doula Continent: Awakening Soul

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7月27日 唐昊「盘古」上线!
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Screenshot of Doula Continent: Awakening Soul
Screenshot of Doula Continent: Awakening Soul
Screenshot of Doula Continent: Awakening Soul
Screenshot of Doula Continent: Awakening Soul
Screenshot of Doula Continent: Awakening Soul


Doula Continent: Awakening Soul is a handheld game that strives to be true to the IP. Here, you will become a traveler like Tang San, travel to the world of the Douluo Continent, get acquainted with the Shrek Seven Monsters and all kinds of characters of the Douluo Continent, become their partners, and solve the crisis of the Douluo world together with them!

- Genuine authorization Douluo IP perfect restoration
In the game, you will become a soul master with a heavenly martial soul, cross to Douluo to create your own story; you will go to the Sunset Forest to hunt soul beasts to obtain soul rings, create their own clan, go to the Star Dou Forest to enhance their blue silver field, and finally become a title Douluo, as for becoming a god, it depends on your own destiny!

- Strategy to win flexible changes to the weak to win the strong
This must not be a world where kryptonite is king! You can be as flexible as Tang San, through the formation, the cooperation between teammates, the Tang secret weapon and talent field, the use of soul bones, etc., to cross the level of challenge the high power team or soul beast, and use wisdom to defeat them! In short, this is a game of strategy to win, use your wisdom to dominate the world of Douluo!

- Exquisite and high-definition drawings.
It's not the Douluo Continent if you don't pretend. We not only restore the classic skills in the novel: winding, powerful vajra bear, charm, seven treasures turn out to have glazed, etc., and carefully designed their skills special effects, like watching the animation of the game, to give you a top visual experience! Of course, the design of the drawing also has a lot of small details Oh, you found?


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Doula Continent: Awakening Soul is officially launched now.


Version 1.1.2 2022-06-21
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Publisher 岂止游戏
供应商 海南智虎网络科技有限公司
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Current Version 1.1.2
Size 233 MB
Last Updated on 2022-06-21
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