Holiday Drops - Match three puzzle game
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Holiday Drops - Match three puzzle game


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Holiday Drops - Match three puzzle begins as a simple
match three board game and gradually increases
difficulties as obstacles are added and level
objectives becomes more challenging.

• Holiday themed match three puzzle game.
• 300 levels over 5 difficulty modes including relaxed no timer special.
• Multiple objectives,challenges and obstacles
• 15 Dazzling power up combinations!
• Each level presents you with unique Objectives and Challenges.
• Obstacles mixed with unique level board shapes will keep you swiping and matching for more!
• Create powerful chained power up cascades to level up!

There are four possible objectives on each level.

1. Score quota
2. Removing dark pulps
3. Bringing down candy canes.
4. Free all the Holiday items from the net.

There are two possible challenges on each level.

1. Complete the objective before time runs out.
2. Complete the objective before you run out of swaps.


1. Holiday drum
2. Fruit Pie
3. Netted Holiday item

Matching 4 or more holiday item rewards the player with
a power up holiday item There are 3 power ups.

1. Gift box (horizontal and vertical orientation).
2. Double holiday item.
3. Holiday / Christmas tree.

What's new

App optimization
Added auto-hints / reshuffle

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