Mermaid's Treasure
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Mermaid's Treasure

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Immerse yourself into the ocean depths and look for the valuable Mermaid's treasure: gold, pearls, rich coral reefs and unique fishes. Experience this unforgettable ocean adventure by playing with 5 gorgeous merm*** Liriel, Gabriele, Niala, Sakura and Felitia. Become a stylist and create a stunning appearance for merm***, have a great party in your decorated underwater cave and don't forget to look for incredible fishes and coral reefs in this unseen ocean world!

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There’s a big underwater party. Prepare little merm*** for this party and create their stunning appearance. Dress them up in the most fashionable clothes and save this moment in your photo album!

In the darkest part of the ocean, where dangerous fishes like white sharks and hammerheads rule, find all the hidden objects and ocean animals!

Learn about the most exotic ocean creatures: Moorish idol, Stingray, Butterfly fish, Seahorse, Surgeon fish and Sea turtle. Grab your rake, clear the seaweeds and find all hidden fishes. Test your reaction and catch those fast swimming ocean animals!

Decorate the underwater cave as you want with merm***, fishes, sharks and corals, and have your own sea fairy tale party!

Get a free gift - stickers for each level up. Collect all ocean stickers and complete the game!

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  • File Size: 37.29MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Update Time: Jan 19, 2016
  • Developer: TutoTOONS Kids Games

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