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Idle Galaxy-Planet Creator

Idle Galaxy-Planet Creator

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The game is not available in this country/region


Do you want to create your own galaxy and universe?

Idle Galaxy-Planet Creator can realize your dream of the creator of the universe NOW!

Start with the BIG BANG and tap to create your own universe. In Idle Galaxy Creator, you will create Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and so on, you will have the entire solar system and even the entire universe.

In Idle Galaxy-Planet Creator you will get a lot of knowledge about solar system and the universe. Think about how the universe works and understand the mysteries of black hole.

If you like casual idle games and simulation games, you will enjoy this Idle Galaxy-Planet Creator game. Create your planets with different appearances and features step by step, and you will have the whole universe in your pocket!

-Casual and easy to play for everyone
-Nearly 50+ planets you can create
-Amazing animations and 3D graphics
-Learn everything about the universe from IDLE GALAXY CREATOR
-No internet connection needed. Play offline anywhere, anytime
-Create your own Galaxy

Download Idle Galaxy-Planet Creator Now! Create your own galaxies immediately!




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Provider Kota Tokyo
Last Updated on 2020-11-10