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Talking Tom Sky Run: New Fun Flying Game

Talking Tom Sky Run: New Fun Flying Game

The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


From the creators of the global success, My Talking Tom, and the endless runner games, Talking Tom Gold Run and Talking Tom Hero Dash, comes another fun new adventure game – this time set in the sky!

Talking Tom and his friends are taking players on an exciting new adventure! But this time, instead of running, the friends are flying! Talking Tom, Talking Angela, and Talking Hank each have their very own airplanes, and they're not alone! They have their own pets aboard, too!

Oh no! All of a sudden, flying raccoon bandits attack and steal their pets! Players now have to help their favorite hero, Talking Tom, and his friends. They have to get the pets back!

This time, Tom doesn’t run to chase the raccoons, he flies in his airplane! Users can move the airplane in all directions – left, right, up, and down – to avoid obstacles.

The raccoons have built their own machine traps to try and stop Tom! Players will need to avoid mechanical dinosaurs and sharks, all while collecting punch rockets to destroy the raccoons’ forts.

Once Squeak, Flip, and the other pets have been rescued, they will unleash their special power-ups to help users during their flying adventures.

While flying, players pick up gold coins and get amazing rewards at the end of each mission.

After players complete all the flying missions, they will unlock a new flying world and free a new pet character. From Tom's neighborhood to pirate islands, users will have plenty of fun!

Tom, Angela, and Hank each have different awesome outfits and powerful airplanes that users can unlock and use for free! Equipment fit for true heroes of the sky!

Talking Tom Sky Run is a cool new game that takes users on a fun flying adventure! Those who love to run and enjoy playing endless running games like Talking Tom Gold Run and Talking Tom Hero Dash will love this game as well.

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Last Updated on 2020-11-12