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Wealthy Treasurer

Wealthy Treasurer

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Screenshot of Wealthy Treasurer
Screenshot of Wealthy Treasurer
Screenshot of Wealthy Treasurer
Screenshot of Wealthy Treasurer
Screenshot of Wealthy Treasurer


Wealthy Treasurer is an ancient business simulation game.
The game brings you back to the ancient times with its beautiful ink painting and thickly painted characters.

In the game, the player is a novice shopkeeper who comes to Bianliang to work hard, get to know and recruit all the wizards as customers to run the business; meet a confidante and build up a business together; and eventually become a wealthy merchant through hard work and efforts.

- The beautiful scenery of Bianliang is waiting for you to enjoy.
The backdrop and architecture are depicted in ink and wash style. The people of Bianliang are busy with their work, bringing the ancient city atmosphere to life and recreating the charm of "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival".

- A wide variety of shops are waiting for you to take care of.
The houses are lined up with all kinds of businesses: medical shops, money stores, incense shops....... The players can follow their own business sense and the main task, unlocking various industries and shops. Recruit staff, talents, and take care of your neighborhood to make it more prosperous.

- You'll be supported by a variety of merchants.
All kinds of talented people from all walks of life will gather together in the fertile land of Bianliang. Apart from the familiar errand boys, tailors and bone-setters, there are also back-rubbers, paper-cutters and parasite artists....... They come from different eras and have different skills to help you with your business.

- The red-headed beauties will keep you company.
Traveling outside, you will meet and get to know different beauties. If the old moon's red threads connect, you are destined to marry the girl and have the honor to welcome her home. She will be able to help you with your family business and your husband's career, and will accompany you to start your own business, sharing the joys and sorrows with you.










Version 4.8.0 2022-07-25
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