4x4 Real Off Road

4x4 Real Off Road

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Experiance realistic gear shift and engine RPM!
You can toggle Manual Transmission / Auto Transmission on setting window.
Upgrade your cars Winch, Transmission, Engine and Suspension to go higher!
Start your own extreme off-road race.

5 Types of Terrains
- Dersert, Snowy, Forest, Rocky, Track

3 Types of Road Condition
- Hard and Dry, Dry, Wet

3 Types of Weather
- Clear, Snowy, Rainy

15 Countries 26 Rallies 102 Stages and More!
- South Korea
- Australia
- China
- Central Africa -> so far you can play to here. (I'm working on it)
- Russia
- Indochina Peninsula
- Brasil
- Canada
- North Africa
- Germany
- UK
- Peru
- Bolivia
- France

Tips for play
1. Engine brake: In downhill, put the gears in first or second. it will reduce wheels rotation velocity to keep vehicle slow.
2. Engine Stall: In Manual Transmission, if RPM lower than specific level engine will be stalled.
3. Brook: when you across the brook the tires will be slippery and angular damping will rise.
4. Footbrake: When you press footbrake it will cut off power connection from engine to wheel. So you can raise RPM more easily.
5. Mud&Ice: Mud and Ice will greatly reduce friction of tires.
6. Neutral Gear: If the gears in neutral, you can raise RPM easily.
7. Rocks: Rocks have more friction than dirt. It can be pros and cons at the same time.
8. Signs: Watch out the signs. there are many tips that you can count on.
9. Snow: Snow will raise angular damping of your tires most.
10: Weather: The weather will determine the friction of tires.
11: Winch: Winch even can save overturned vehicle.

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*korean/english supported.(Must adjust its settings.)
*Auto Transmission bug not fixed yet.


-nairobi rally difficulty eased


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