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Hunters’ Moon

Hunters’ Moon

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Screenshot of Hunters’ Moon
Screenshot of Hunters’ Moon
Screenshot of Hunters’ Moon
Screenshot of Hunters’ Moon
Screenshot of Hunters’ Moon


This is a desperate world shrouded in darkness, only the moon, no sun, hazy scarlet light shining on everything.

The murmurings from the depths of the Void are intensifying, and the stars are slowly moving, the old gods who have been asleep for a long time will return. Under the threat of the dark family can only gather in the west coast of the continent to survive the human race, finally decided to explore the dark depths of the continent, but all the way to the expedition but suddenly by an unknown origin of the snowstorm stopped.
In order to cope with the blizzard and the threat of the return of the old gods, the expeditionary frontline fortress launched a secret plan, but everything went up in flames in a never-ending fire of the source mass ......

Hundreds of years later, a shattered void called "The Abbey" suddenly establishes a connection with the present realm, and the "Silent Hermitage", for some unknown purpose, sends an exploration team composed of legendary investigators called "Deer Hunters" deep into the void. There, a horrible change was taking place, and the team was trapped in the Void Realm where the cycle never ends.
To escape, they began an endless and frantic struggle surrounded by dark families ......

What is happening in this world?
Why are there two moons in the sky?
Are the old gods about to awaken?
What is hidden in the mysterious monastery?
Who are you ......?

Faith and a twisted mind live together as one, and the lost congregation cries out in the nothingness.
There is no doubt that what you see is real and what you see is not.

Game Features

◆Fast action game experience
You need to grasp each enemy's attack style, and use this to make quick and agile reaction, using continuous attacks to dismantle opponents, or you will be buried in the mysterious and horrible dungeon.

◆Roguelike elements of Benga
Highly random map scenes and item drops allow you to get a new experience every time you enter the dungeon. By acquiring extraordinary props with different effects and matching your own skill style, your combat style construction will be unconventional and blossoming.
Well-designed chief challenges
In the dungeon, you will encounter dozens of powerful chief enemies with different characteristics. They have their own unique level mechanism, all you need to do is to survive and find a way to break through under the continuous pressure.

◆Multiple weapons can be changed freely
In the game, you can get a total of 100 weapons of various types, with different attack movements and output performance between weapons, and the exclusive effects attached to the extraordinary weapons will also become a very important part of the construction of your fighting style.

◆ Different styles of main characters
You can choose to play as any one of the exploration team, they have different purposes, each with different intentions, but as elites, they all have completely different skills, fighting style and good weapons, and likewise, they also have different plots and destinies.
Unexpected plot development
You can't find out the truth until the last moment. What's more, the continent shrouded by darkness is so vast that the story that happened here is only a drop in the ocean.






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Developer LostGames
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Simplified Chinese
Last Updated on 2021-08-10
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