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Screenshot of Gododo
Screenshot of Gododo
Screenshot of Gododo
Screenshot of Gododo
Screenshot of Gododo
Screenshot of Gododo


God was holding a pot of flowers in a selfie, didn't look at the road slipped and fell, the phone and the pot of flowers fell from the sky together, hitting the man walking his dog. At this time, the malfunctioning phone releases mysterious energy and sucks the man into the phone. In order to make up for his mistake, God gives the player a heavenly voice, and through the player's wisdom, he summons the man back from the unknown world of the phone.

A casual game with voice and touch switching gameplay.
Innovative gameplay, rich levels, mysterious achievements, the ultimate challenge.
European and American hand-drawn comic style humorous and easy, the adventure all depends on said surprises are very much.

- Tap a button to switch voice or touch operation.
- Control the character by changing the rhythm of long tones and short tones or long and short touch controls.
- Watch and change your mind to get through the level in a variety of ways.
- The less voices you hear, the better your score.


Version 0.1 2020-09-03
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Update content:
Optimized bus checkpoints, optimized operation efficiency, and modified some small bugs


供应商 柳州冰冻光能科技有限公司
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Simplified Chinese and 3 more
Current Version 0.1
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Last Updated on 2020-09-03
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