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SNOOPY Puzzle Journey

SNOOPY Puzzle Journey

The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


From the creators of "Snoopy Drops" and "Snoopy Life" comes their latest hit - Snoopy Puzzle Journey!

Join up with Capcom and the world's most loveable beagle, Snoopy, in this heartwarming puzzle adventure!

◆ Great Stress Relief
Tap the pieces and they disappear!
Feel the refreshment of lining them up for massive combos!
Enjoy the easy-to-access controls and adorable animations!

◆ Globetrotting with Snoopy
Complete puzzles to visit these famous cities!
Capture the moment with commemorative photos!
* San Francisco (USA)
* London (UK)
* Beijing (China)
* Sydney (Australia)
* Barcelona (Spain)
* Cairo (Egypt)
Journey to locations around the globe in future updates!
Travel the world—one puzzle at a time!

◆ Join the Peanuts Gang in an All-New Story
* Snoopy
* Charlie Brown
* Sally
* Lucy Van Pelt
* Linus Van Pelt
* Peppermint Patty
* Woodstock
See what they'll do next in our never-seen-before original story!

◆ A World-Famous Fashion Icon
Snoopy can wear cultural outfits from different countries!
Build his wardrobe and travel in style!

◆ With So Many Levels, You'll Never Get Bored
Want more?
Play the extra mode full of unlockable content!

◆ This game is recommended for fans of:
* Snoopy
* Cute, feel-good characters
* Popular or immersive puzzle games
* People who like to travel, or like games with traveling
* Casual time killers
* Match 3 games, number games, or blast games
* Puzzle games with colorful blocks and fun animations

"Snoopy Puzzle Adventure is free to download and play!
Set out on your adventure today!"




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Last Updated on 2021-09-14