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*Cluck Night is an asymmetrical cartoon-style competitive game for mobile devices featuring real-time 4v1 action-filled gameplay.*
A brand-new game published by Coconut Island Game, and developed by Thunder Cat Games.


At the Horror Farm of Cluck Night you can take the role of either a human or a chicken. A bunch of utterly bored aliens beamed up four fowl on a stroll and before tossing them back to Earth, made a couple of modifications to them. The extraterrestrial journey endowed them with peculiar abilities, which naturally has left mankind somewhat concerned. Who knows? With their powers they might try taking over the world! Being enslaved by their own clucking livestock was not a prospect that appealed to the humans. Hence, they took the sensible course of action—and locked the four offending fowl up in a specialized farm. The modifications they underwent may have granted them superfowl powers and advanced brainpower, but at the end of the day, they’re still just chickens. Will the poor birds escape from Horror Farm before sunrise? Or will mankind succeed in retaining their rightful place, at the top of the evolutionary chain?
You may play either as the clucking escapees themselves (each with their own distinct abilities), or as the master of the farm who’s hot on their tail, the fowl herder. Leon is a strong-built powerhouse and will do all in his might to annihilate the little pests. However, the running fowl has the superiority in numbers! If they work as a unit, perhaps they might just be able to turn the tide and escape.

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1. **Thrilling Gameplay**
4v1 real-time competitive gameplay! In order to escape and attain their freedom, the running fowl must destroy energy generators to open the No-Harm-No-Fowl Gates. The fowl herder, however, has a different objective: to catch the little pests and roast them for a great chicken dinner. Who will stand victorious once the sun rises?

2. **Characters**
The current roster includes some ten characters: the fried chicken shop owner Leon, the lovely little girl Rita, the maid Kelly, Egg-a-fowl, Time Fowl and more! There are also dozens of fancy skins for you to unlock and use, each one transforming you into a dazzling peacock!

3. **Team Up with Friends**
If you choose to play as a running fowl, then you must become one with your flock! Utilize your unique abilities and assist your friends to attain victory!
If you instead choose to play as the fowl herder, well, you set the pace as you chase them with weapon in hand!

4. **Endless Possibilities**
We are hard at work creating new game modes for you to sink your teeth into, and are dead set on making this a long-lasting competitive game that keeps you coming back for more!

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  • File Size: 217.11MB
  • Current Version: 2.1.12
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  • Developer: Coconut Island Games
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Latest Version :6.0 Android:6.4
  • 幽舞师

    素质尚可,与其他不对称对抗相比有明显的不同( 没有抄袭)


    为啥我开不了排位? 网络完全没问题(我人就在海外), 但是一点对决就转圈个没完没了

  • 口可口可


  • 手机用户52527488
    Played game for 7 minutes



  • 手机用户59716057

    很可愛也不恐怖 但很搞笑的遊戲 也是另類的吃雞?(๑´∀`๑)有不同職業的逃生雞跟人類屠夫 歡迎各位來成為逃生雞 蠻療愈

  • 双宝瓜田里的猹


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