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HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123

HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123

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Screenshot of HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123
Screenshot of HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123
Screenshot of HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123
Screenshot of HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123
Screenshot of HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123


Educational App Store (5/5)
"HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123 aims to help young children take their first steps in learning about letters, numbers and colors. From initially providing recognition activities it moves on to counting and alphabet skills."

The iPhone Mom (4.9/5)
".. perfect for preschoolers."

HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123 makes learning Letters, Numbers and Colors easy and a joy for kids! This awesome game is full of vibrant colors and sounds that are sure to engage your child. What’s even better is that HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123 has curated items that are appropriate and necessary for preschool children.

The kid-friendly design ensures that your child learns Letters, Numbers, and Colors through different approaches in a fun, safe environment thereby strengthening their basic foundation.

This app will help your kids in many ways, such as by improving their -
• Letter identification
• Letter object identification
• Number value
• Counting
• Color identification
• Cognitive skills
• Ability to focus
• Visual processing
• Problem solving
• Object recognition

The Letters learning section includes identifying letters as well as objects that begin with that letter. This improves their language skills and vocabulary.

When your child learns numbers, they don’t just identify them; they also understand their value and how to count. This is essential for making mathematics easy.

** COLORS **
We teach the important skill of identifying colors to your kids in the most interesting and fun way possible. This helps your kids learn colors and identify them in everyday objects.

Letters Sequence requires your child to find the missing letters and complete the sequence. Promotes learning and identification of letters. Each game play provides different learning opportunities, thereby ensuring your child learns all their letters and knows its sequence.

Number Sequence requires your child to complete the number order, the numbers are presented in ascending order. This promotes a better understanding of number value and number identification.

*** FEATURES ***
• Fantastic art work – it’s very cute. Kids love it!
• Learning through interactive play
• A kid-friendly, simple interface
• Appropriate reiterations for better learning
• No third party advertising and no in-app purchases (ensuring a safe environment for your children)

*** CONTACT US ***
Website: www.hooplakidz.com
Email us: [email protected]

At HooplaKidz we know how important the first few years of development are to your child, thus all HooplaKidz apps are designed by a team of experts (psychologist, educator, designer) whose only focus is enhancing your child's skill set! HooplaKidz child-centered approach *** in the development of various skills such cognitive, visual-motor, reasoning, and social skills in the most entertaining and creative way!
HooplaKidz apps are designed to encourage children to be active learners, we ensure this through exploration, association and trial-error method learning; this is complemented with appropriate reinforcement and interaction. Ensuring your child is a self-motivated learner!
HooplaKidz apps and games are your child’s favorite destination for fun and learning!
To enable you to choose the right app for your child all HooplaKidz apps and games detail the skills developed using the app and why they are important. We do this because HooplaKidz wants you to make the smartest choice for your little genius.
HooplaKidz apps and games through their host of creative activities ensure your child develops, practices their learning, plays and above all has oodles of fun!

Come play with HooplaKidz apps and games!


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- Sequence games now have different background scenes.
- Fixed an issue that caused problem while returning to menu screen.
- Other minor bug fixes.


Last Updated on 2015-06-20