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With UNICEF’s Right Runner you will join a new generation of inspiring young people that are claiming their rights and leading the way to the world they deserve. A world within reach.

Set in Latin America and the Caribbean; skateboard through an obstacle ridden old town, parkour your way to school, run to safety during extreme flooding, jump and slide in a dark and dangerous city and rise to the top of the mountain for a final and unique interactive level, which harnesses your own voice. A powerful voice that has the right to be heard!

In order to claim and defend your rights you will need to avoid treacherous and often familiar obstacles. But you are not alone! There are friends on route ready to join the fight! You just need to find them. Grab their attention by collecting as many megaphones as possible to spread the word.

It’s time to rise up, claim your rights and make yourself heard!

An interactive experience brought to you by UNICEF.
• This is an easy to learn runner, but it requires quick reflexes and dexterity!
• Tap on the right to jump, hold on the right to do tricks, tap on the left to slide.
• Overcome challenging obstacles and complete 5 levels.
• Explore different environments inspired by Latin America and the Caribbean, from old towns, to dark cities, to island communities; explore a rich and diverse landscape, with each area boasting stunning visuals and intuitive gameplay.
• Learn about your rights and how to overcome the barriers to claiming them.
• Collect megaphones to spread the word!
• Use your talent to impress others with a high trick score!
• Bring as many friends with you as you can find to join the fight!
• Enjoy original music for each level and handcrafted audio. Headphones recommended!
• In Level 5, the final chapter, shout your rights into your phone’s mic and rise to the top of the mountain!

UNICEF’s Right Runner is a free game with no ads or in-app purchases. Download once, play forever. If you like it, share a comment and rate us. Your positive comments and ratings will help us to develop new levels and new adventures in the coming months.

Every kid in the world has rights no matter where they live, or who they are! These rights are defined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Knowing your rights is the first step.

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Reaching the top of the mountain won’t be easy, but it’ll be an epic adventure that will take you on a journey to fight for every kid’s rights! Are you ready?

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    游戏名称,中文翻译成一路向东,其英文原名是right runner,right有右边的意思,所以很容易让人以为是向右奔跑的意思,然而实际上,这里的right做“权利”解,也就是权利跑者,游戏的主题是为自己的权利而战。游戏的背景是拉丁美洲和加勒比海地区,可以看到每一关的主角们都是深色的皮肤。


    每一关起点处都有几个大字,分别是you have the right to play(你有权利去玩耍),you have the right to learn(你有权利去学习),you have the right to a safe environment(你有权利去拥有一个安全的环境),you have the right to be protected(你有权利被保护)。




    全部过关后,有一段小动画,一队队的青少年举着旗帜,喊着每关起点处的那句口号,一起向金色的山顶攀登。这时游戏会申请麦克风权限,让玩家一起加入进来,同时会出现一句话:you have the right to be heard(你有权利发声)






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