In The Riptide
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In The Riptide




In The Riptide is a fast-paced running game that sees you avoiding deadly obstacles and traps on your journey through the riptide. It features different environments, each with their own unique color scheme, new mechanics, and difficult challenges. And all of these come together and combine in the final levels of each environment.

Come and jump on into the riptide for challenging, reflexive gameplay and cartoony, minimalistic worlds galore.

How to play:
The rules are super simple. Just swipe to move the fish you control up and down in order to avoid hazards and collect gems.

1. Three different environments each with their own new mechanics and color scheme
2. All gem, no gem, and no death challenges to try even some of the most seasoned players
3. Easy to learn, difficult to master one-touch controls
4. A simple, cartoonish art style that makes it easy to see everything going on onscreen.

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