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Princess Pink Birthday Bakery Story

Princess Pink Birthday Bakery Story

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Glad to see you in the magical city of Pony! Awesome! Get ready Pinkie Pie fans! Little ponies opened a new bakery in Ponyville! Did you know that ponies loves to cook at any time? Cake cooking favorite hobby of ponies. But even they do not have time to cook so much. Help Pinkie Pie to treat visitors to a magical food fast and delicious.

• Open your own Pinkie Pie bakery
• Become cake maker
• Choose a cook: Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and other ponies
• Bake birthday cakes, cupcakes and other treats
• Select the form. Pick colored cups you like and fill them
• Enter dough in oven
• Decorate as you wish! Plenty of items, such as cream tops, marmalade, delicious sweets, sprinkles, vanilla, caramel and chocolate are all prepared for you
• Have a tea pony party
• Improve culinary skills
• Create unique and amazing recipes
• Enriched by my little pony animations
• Colorful graphics and funny sounds

You can even eat your piece of cake when you're done! Mmm...Delicious! Ponies loves sweets, especially when the plate delicious cake. Make colorful cupcakes, mix the ingredients and baking sweet cakes in Princess Pink Birthday Bakery Story!


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Last Updated on 2019-10-24