MX Racer - Motorcycle Racing
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MX Racer - Motorcycle Racing



Motocross Racer is a fast paced motorcycle racing game. There are 60 tracks available with your choice of 3 opponents to race against (novice, intermediate, expert), so you can have fun regardless of your skill level. You can also race your friends by sending them your replays. When the race is over, you can watch replays forward, reverse and in slow motion!

Realistic Physics!
The motorcycles in Motocross Racer handle just like a real dirt bike. The controls are easy to use and make it possible to quickly develop your riding skills. In no time you will go from riding like a novice, to racing like an expert. There are tutorials that teach you riding techniques like Brake Tapping, Panic Revving, Scrubbing and Seat Bouncing just like the pros!

• 125cc, 250cc, 500cc bikes
• 60 fun and exciting tracks are available
• 3 opponents for each track (novice, intermediate, expert)
• Race against friends replays
• Race against your own replays
• Easy to use controls
• Realistic physics
• Realistic engine sound
• Choose rider & bike colors
• Choose rider name & number
• Watch replays (slow motion too)

What's new

Improved graphics.

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