Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power
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Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power


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Get ready for an exciting adventure that lets you embark on an epic fantasy journey!
- Build your formation with any strong warriors you like, challenge hard stages to get new resources to train and enhance your warriors.
- Arrange the best formation and make your strategy, find the best way to defeat and conquer the powerful enemies.
- Perfect social interaction system, enhance friendship with your buddies by sending friendship, fight shoulder to shoulder in the guild to destroy any enemy.
- Hundreds of skins available for your selection, pick any one you like to get cool appearance with even stronger attributes to boost your combat power!

What's new

1. The Wi-Fi related information API has been removed according to the newest Apple policy.
2. Some code BUG have been fixed to solve the crash glitch after payment in some cases.
3. Facebook-related SDK has been updated to solve some login issues.

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