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“Mabinogi: Fantasy Life” OBT officially launched

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  • Simplified Chinese
  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Require network
  • No proxy need from China
  • Android 4.1 and above


Genuine authorize by Korea Nexon
New Dream Life That Custom Made For You!
====== Game Features ======

--Familiar NPCs, become friends that you can share your secrets --
《Mabinogi》finally launch on mobile game after 13 years!
Stories inside memories, Follow「Nao」to the Erinn,
Along with the laughter sounds of 「Luna」 & 「Pan」,
Get back confidence together; meet some new friends at the world of Mabinogi!

-- Switch freely between 10 Different Job Class, Exciting battle sense --
Fighter, Archer, Mage, Alchemist, Bard and etc,
You can become whatever that you like as long as you’re happy!
Cooperate with a variety of different Job Class to experience unlimited battles.

--Interesting life skills, Creating happy moments--
Want to become a Chef Master? Or maybe Tailor Master?
You can experience the joy of Wool Shearing and Milking.
From growing vegetables to cooking, from weaving to making clothes, all in one hand,
Gameplay that relaxing and free, complete life blueprint of your dreams!

--Camp fire at night, Create the unique memories--
Make a stop and set up the camp fire with your friends,
Having fun with the instrument, sing and chat happily,
Grill some nice marshmallow,
Enjoy the relaxing moment under the starry sky!

-- Music performance system, Ensemble with friends --
It’s too bored when perform alone, group up with friends and make it a concert,
Love songs, Heavy Metal or maybe Hip Hop,
The music style that you can think off, you can perform it inside the game!

--Great Multiplayer Gameplay, It will be a fun adventure --
Travel alone by canoe rafting,
Raid the Rath Dungeon with bunch of people,
Participate at the Cheese Brawl with friends,
Or maybe PVP with some stranger that you don’t like
Having the most diversify Dungeon, say goodbye to brainless mode!

-- Create the perfect farm, your own happiness home—
Customize your own small space with whatever style that you want!
Apart from planting flowers and vegetables, you can also raise a few animals to accompany you,
Pick interesting or cute items to decorate and create your own farm home。

Fulfill the needs of your life!
《Mabinogi-Fantasy Life》Create your own chapter of happiness.

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  • File Size: 68.81MB
  • Current Version: 32.0
  • Update Time:
  • Developer: SIAMGAME
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  • XiroMassave
    Played game for 2 hours 1 minutes

    the game is good.. the only thing is the sound and music cuts completely off during gameplay please fix it.

  • Cristian Brian

    I dont play this game on the screen loading his stoped

  • wilmin


  • 冰镇北儿X






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