TURN UP! 赛车游戏

TURN UP! 赛车游戏

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Ready to play an amazing car control game?
Introducing Turn Up - Car Control Game is an incredible car control game.
Turn is better than all other car racing games with challenging twists and turns!

Download the "Turn Up - Car Control Game” and speed up your car to finish first scoring highest points.
The game includes 4 challenging racing modes namely Normal, Time Up, Hard and Treasure.
Each mode has its own challenges.
Play to finish first in the car control game in the Normal Mode, drive as faster as you can before the time runs out and you get eliminated in the Time Up Mode while the Hard Mode includes lots of obstacles and challenges with a mix of Normal and Time Up Modes.
The levels are very difficult to complete and it is exciting at the same time.
While you race for the first position ensure to collect the maximum points during the race which you can use to buy the best cars with great speed and acceleration.
Be quick and take sharp turns as faster as you can without banging the roads.
Collect the maximum coins and be the number one in the leaderboard.
This car racing game is designed for racers from all age groups kids, teens and adults who love racing and adventures.

"Turn Up" has got amazing 3D game graphics with great sound effects for an enhanced gaming experience.
The game controls are easy to operate.
Tap on your phone to increase the speed and acceleration while tilt your phone to make turns and switch lanes.
The game is very addictive and you will enjoy playing the game anywhere you go and anytime.
The game also includes a global leaderboard where you can track the scores from players worldwide and compare yourself against them.
Challenge your friends to compete against you and find the best racer ever.
You can also choose to play against the robot.
Get ready to speed it up and bang the racing track with "Turn Up"!

“Turn Up - Car Control Game” is packed with amazing features that makes it the most incredible and unique car control game.
Here are features of the game that make it unique -

- Amazing 3D Game Graphics for an outstanding game play
- Smooth game controls to operate and control the car
- Level based game with multiple levels of difficulty
- Leaderboard feature to track scores from players worldwide to challenge them
- 4 challenging racing modes namely Normal, Time Up, Hard and Treasure


"Turn Up - Car Control Game" It's your turn! Make your own fantastic turn.
Show your turn!

- Some minor bug fix

v1.13 ~ v1.17
-New Stage Update "EASY"
-Free Garage Update
-Ranker bonus update- Daily rewards.
-Bug fix

-Upgrade System Update
-Daily Special Bonus Update
-Bug fix

v1.10 ~ v1.11
-Single Use Car Update
-Etc Bug fixes

- Basic car stats upgrade!
- Global Update
- Etc Bug fixes


  • 文件大小 : 32.47MB
  • 当前版本 : 1.18
  • 更新时间 :
  • 系统: 4.0.3及更高版本
  • 厂商: SOUL2ON









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