Escape from Wooden Lodge Hotel
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Escape from Wooden Lodge Hotel


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Can you Escape from Wooden Lodge Hotel?

Easy to play escape game.

Escape from the room.
Find Clue.
Solve puzzles.
And get out of the ROOM.


Standard escape room game type puzzle game.
Difficulty: easy to intermediate
length: 15 mins to 1 hour

Tap to search.
Tap to close up.
Use Controller to look around and back to previous view.
To select item: Tap item icon below the controller and select it. Icon will be highlighted.
To use item: Tap the place you want to use the selected item.
To investigate item: Tap the item you want to investigate and make selected, then tap once more. If item is selected one more tap will show item detail view
To use item over item: You can use other item over item which shown in detail view. Select other item and tap on detail view.
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What's new

Fix: Some item can be retrieved after have consumed.
Fix: Some item's acquisition hint was missing.

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