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Screenshot of Mr.Catt
Screenshot of Mr.Catt
Screenshot of Mr.Catt
Screenshot of Mr.Catt
Screenshot of Mr.Catt
Screenshot of Mr.Catt
Screenshot of Mr.Catt
Screenshot of Mr.Catt


The game won the Silver Award and the Best Music and Sound Effect Award at Bahamut ACG 2016.Catt is traveling alone through the Milky Way. Help him overcome various difficulties while he finishes his journey.
You will travel through a fantastic puzzle game world which blends together critical thinking elements and block elimination gameplay.
A large number of elaborately designed stages are available. In every stage, you need to think carefully to eliminate as many objects as possible when combining blocks. There is one unique way to clear each stage.
The game designers have created a splendid game world in the Milky Way. Throughout the galaxy, there are numerous celestial bodies available for you to light up. They will act like dazzling fireworks through your journey.
Combine blocks and eliminate them. Collect suns, stars, and moons to help Catt while he bravely pursues the white cat.
The game's graphics include exquisite and artistic pictures, and the carefully composed music and sound effects will make you lose yourself in the fantastic game world.
The black cat will join you as you embark on a memorable journey together through the Milky Way in search of the white cat.
A rich variety of fun and appealing details can be found throughout the game's many areas.
Careful block positioning and calculation are required to create special elimination effects.


Version 1.5.1 2017-07-17
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