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Crown Trick

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Screenshot of Crown Trick
Screenshot of Crown Trick
Screenshot of Crown Trick
Screenshot of Crown Trick
Screenshot of Crown Trick
Screenshot of Crown Trick


We want to meet more Roguelike fans through TapTap, we hope this game can bring you a classic and pure synchronized turn-based game experience, we look forward to adventuring with you in Dungeons~!

Crown Trick is a synchronized turn-based RPG developed by NExT Studios.
The game's purely hand-painted art style sets the stage for a magical adventure - exploring dungeons of many styles, taking on dangerous enemies and bosses, experiencing the cycle of death and growth, and battling endless abysses.

Who knows what will happen in the next room?

- An endless maze of random changes.
Never explore the same maze twice. Each time you enter the maze, it's a new experience. Water, Fire, Ice, Wind, Poison, Earth and other magical elements and skills will interact with each other to produce endless changes; you can pick up swords, guns, cannons, staffs and other weapons to adventure and fight.

- 2D hand-painted underground world.
The hand-painted art film style of the underground world is full of fantasy. From the Witch's Castle to the Endless Abyss, all kinds of underground creatures live here. Machineries, treasure chests, springs, statues, unknown existences, events, all in this wonderful dungeon.

- Interesting and innovative gameplay.
The innovative interaction of the elements makes the gameplay rich and varied, and the right use of the terrain is the key to victory. Combine turn-based and Rogue gameplay to create a unique synchronized turn-based RogueLike RPG.

- The magical crown of bizarre abilities.
The sentient crown that accompanies your adventure may be dangerous but is really powerful. Dozens of special ability monsters contained within the crown, waiting for you to cycle through and unlock them one by one, deep development. What? Isn't the crown the body?

1.A new experience of "Strategy RougeLike" gameplay.
2、Synchronous turn, every action is full of changes, every adventure is full of challenges.
3、Survive and explore in multiple dungeons with different styles, try to survive until the end.
4.Try to build your own fighting style and break the boundaries! You can find 40+ active skills, 60+ passive effects of weapons, 30+ items with various effects, and 170+ Horcruxes with different effects in the adventure.
5. 100+ unique looking underground creatures, 9 weapon types, and 120+ different looking weapons.
6、Challenge 10+ powerful bosses.
7、60+ strange events.
8、Randomly generated maps, weapons, artifacts, items, and strange events.
Find the secrets and discover the story and truth behind the adventure.



我们是来自NExT Studios的游戏开发小组,这次我们给各位TapTap的玩家老铁们带来了我们的新游戏《不思议的皇冠》。当我们得知有机会能和各位TapTap老司机们亲密交流的时候,开发团队的大家都露出了兴奋的眼神~








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Last Updated on 2020-07-07
System Requirements Android 11 +