Starry Fantasy Online - MMORPG

Starry Fantasy Online - MMORPG

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Game Introduction
《Starry Fantasy Online》is best MMORPG, the story is about a War between Humans, Fairies and Demons in a Western mythological Fantasy World. Brave Heroes who can save the World and Preserve Peace are needed.

Game Features
★ Real-time battle with other players
- Team up with Worldwide Friends
- Demon hunting with Global Players
- PVP fighting mode

★ Upload Selfie in your personal Blog
  to show your own personality
- Add Friends and Send Gift to your Friends
- Make Friends All over the World

★ Four Classes
- Warrior, Mage, Priest and Gunslinger
- Each can advance into 2 other classes

★ Exclusive Chatting System
- Use your own voice to chat with other players
- Various emoticon to delight your chat

★ Cross-platform from PC, Mobile and Pad
- Enjoy Playing Anytime, Anywhere


1. Universal: You can play with friends from all over the world! You get to meet new and interesting people too who love playing this game. The best part is that you get to learn from their techniques as well.

2. Hunting Adventure: You get to hunt for demons and you don’t have to do it alone. This is fun because it would surely challenge your brain to do whatever you need to do to find them and overcome them.

3. Battle Mode: The fighting mode in this game is under PVP, which makes it even more intense for members. This is going to be really challenging your tactic as well, so you better appreciate this feature.

4. Personalized: For those who get attached to their games, well this one would even make you even more attached to it because you could totally personalized pretty much everything in it. You could even create a blog where you could put your picture in. Yes, you could post a selfie in this game! Isn’t that cool? Well, I think it is.

5. Socialize: This game is not just a game for yourself. You could treat it as a social network. You can add them on your friends list and actually interact with them. I’m not sure about dating them though, but hey, anything is possible. You could chat them private too! I’d use that feature to learn more about their personal techniques in the game though if I were you.

Official Information
★ Official Website:
★ Facebook Fanpage:
★ Customer Center:


【Update Content】
1. IDC Upgrate
2. Connection Maintenance
3. New Title: Aegis
4. New Title: BirdMan


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